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Welcome to Yeshiva Ahavas Torah!

   We are now celebrating our third decade of providing excellence in Torah chinuch with an emphasis on middos tovos. Although there are approximately 230 wonderful talmidim enrolled from nursery through 8th grade, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide individualized attention to each precious child.

   We invite you to take a few moments to view the short video below, and experience a glimpse into what makes Yeshivah Ahavas Torah so special!

   Yeshiva Ahavas Torah is located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Marine Park.

   We are now in our third decade of educating our tinokos shel beis rabbon. Each year we enjoy reflecting on the growth of our talmidim.

   The devotion of our wonderful rebbeim, and the hard work of our dedicated secular staff, instill a love of  Torah in every Ahavas Torah student, enabling him to become a ben Torah with shining middos.

   Our parent body praise the warm, supportive relationship they enjoy with the hanhala. Working together, we are all excited with the growth and achievements seen in our children.

   Under the leadership of our menahel, Rabbi Alter Obermeister, we continues to offer that “home away from home” atmosphere that brings smiles and excitement to our students, preparing them to be the future leaders of Klal Yisroel.

   As parents ourselves, we marvel how these talmidim sharpen their learning skills. The classrooms are filled with boy’s shteiging. From Alef-Bais at a young age to a difficult Tosfos when they are older, from learning to read to the number of blatt gemorah mastered, from parsha to the perakim of mishnayos completed; each boy on his level is taught to understand and feel confident that he is achieving greatness.

   Our students distinguish themselves through derech eretz, as well as in their avodah she’belaiv, which is evident in their davening. In all students we see the reward of our great rebbeim and teachers’ loving care and attention.

   Life in Yeshiva Ahavas Torah is so much more than just sitting in class. Our successes are due in part to the various enrichment programs, contests, school-wide projects, and extracurricular activities that we offer. Our middle school staff and program prepare our bochurim for high school.

   How fortunate we feel that mesivtos and batei medrashim, both here and in Eretz Yisroel, count our talmidim among their treasured bochurim.


Mission Statement

   We will enhance our reputation as the elementary school of choice for hundreds of families in our community. Our continued success educating young people, with a special emphasis on teaching values and building character, will benefit society and serve as a model for other educational institutions.

   We will achieve our mission by:

  • providing outstanding schooling in Jewish history, philosophy, and ethics and robust secular studies,
  • having a secular studies program for all students; expanding our Enrichment Program for the gifted children and the Resource Room program for remedial assistance,
  • promoting our mentoring program where teachers offer personal attention, guidance, and counseling in a non-classroom setting,
  • increasing the emphasis on health and nutritional studies to enhance our science program, and
  • expanding our physical education program housed in our indoor sports center, while supporting additional coaching, programming, and organized events.